When Do You Need An Electrician Contractor For Your Home Remodeling Project?

When Do You Need An Electrician Contractor For Your Home Remodeling Project?

Home remodeling is usually a combination of DIY work and professional help. Some home remodeling projects may require some electrical work. For such projects, it is best not to attempt to do it yourself but hire an electrician contractor. More »


5 Valuable Electrical Safety Tips


Is your home safe from electrical hazards? Many people who are doing significant home renovations are always tempted to do the electrical repairs themselves to save money. However, there are many dangers of making such a decision. To ensure that your home is safe from electrical hazards, it is advisable to hire a professional electrical contractor that caters for both commercial and residential electrical inspection services. Leaving the work to the professionals will give you a piece of mind since you will be sure that your home will not be damaged as a result of electrical problems.electrical_safety

In this blog post, therefore, you will get to learn about 5 electrical safety tips to help you stay safe when dealing with electricity. For more information on elctrical safety visit Electrical Safety First.

– Conduct Visual Inspections

This is the only way you can find out about potential electrical hazards in your home if you know nothing about electrical issues. Keenly check all your light switches and electrical outlets for cracks, broken parts, loose fitting plugs and much more. Ensure that you repair or replace damaged electrical components immediately. Check for heating plugs or electrical appliances as this could be an early indication of an electrical problem. When conducting the visual inspections, remember to check extension and power cords for harm or wear. If you come across cords that are frayed, cracked and much more, replace them immediately so that you prevent any electrical hazard from harming your loved ones.

– Have Many Electrical Outlets

Some people are fond of plugging several devices into a single outlet. They are not aware of the electrical hazards that could arise from that and turn their homes into ashes. To minimise such incidences expert’s advice that you should have many power outlets in your home so that the appliances that you plug in each outlet don’t exceed the typical rating and expose your house to fire or shock hazards.

– Install Outlet Covers

If you have kids, you must have noticed that they find electrical outlets so fascinating. They don’t hesitate to experiment with them at one point or another. Make sure you protect your kids from shock by covering all electrical outlets that are not being used. Such covers can save the lives of those that you value.

– Place Electrical Appliances Out of Reach

Place electrical appliances such as televisions on level places where they can’t be reached easily to minimise the chances of them falling and causing an electrical fire or electrocuting your loved ones. Keep electrical lamps away from other things because they can cause fires easily.

– Solve Electrical Problems Immediately

As soon as you get wind of any electrical problems, the most important step that you should take is to call an electrical contractor to provide electrical inspection and repair services. If you ignore electrical problems, chances are that they will worsen and damage your property. Hire a professional electrician to inspect your home frequently so that you can say goodbye to electrical problems.

Wrap Up:

Well, if you have been wondering how you can stay away from electrical hazards before hiring a qualified electrical contractor to offer you electrical inspection services in the UK, these 5 tips will help you out. Always be careful when dealing with electricity because it can be a matter of life or death.


Emergency Electricians Nottingham Search Tips

Do you need Emergency Electricians?emergency-electricians-nottingham.jpg

The emergency electricians Nottingham residents use often find themselves asking that one question. After noticing problems with the electrics the in their domestic or commercial premises. They find themselves in a dilemma about how to solve these problems. The best thing to do is to contact an emergency electrical service provider if the problem is unbearable and dangerous.
For instance, if lights may be flickering for a number of days; take the necessary action as quick as possible to avoid bigger troubles.

Read through this informative article to learn more about how emergency electricians can benefit you.

1. Experience
It is pretty obvious that no one will ever accept poor services. You should look for knowledgeable electricians to perform all the tasks that you may require to your electrics problems. Get to know whether the services offered are of high quality. If possible, you can ask for recommendations from the previous clients they have worked with so that you can get clear evidence. Also find out how many years the electricians have worked and know their reputation in the market.

2. Licences
When looking for an electrician who will be responsible for any emergencies, check whether he or she is registered and qualified. You can easily identify registered electricians because the requirements for the installation will require some defined standards. If the electrician is from the UK, then the work will be done according to national values of UK. It is true that the work of electrical requirements varies from country to country. So, all the standards of electric work should be based on your country’s market. When the work is done, you will be issued with a safety certificate to show the clear completion of the task according to the principles. All the qualifications and registration of the job should be correct. Your electricians should be certified.

3. Credibility
How credible is your electrician? In most cases, emergencies may arise even during the late hours of the night. When you call an electrician make sure that he or she is reliable enough. The response and actions must be taken immediately after the call. Some electric problems may be dangerous and sometimes can cause death. Ensure that when searching for an electrician, you look for a reliable one.

4. Quality of Services
As mentioned earlier, every electrician should offer services of high quality. That is the reason why you need to consider their experiences and registration in advance. When choosing electricians, make sure that you are familiar with the quality of service they provide.

Knowledge is power. When you follow the above -mentioned tips, you will never be disappointed. The good thing is to choose Emergency Electricians that have the right qualifications and experience. The information we found came from a reputable emergency electricians Nottingham team called Down at Down 2 Earth Electrical Installations Ltd based at 329 Hucknall Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG6 8AD. You could call them for their own advice on the types of services provided by emergency electricians on 01158 602 321 or even email jim.mcguigan@hotmail.com. We are sure they would be happy to supply further information.


Electrical Maintenance with Electrical Testing


Electrical Maintenance has many different types of services such as electrical testing. This is usually done to identify faulty connections, damages or electrical overload. The most common and widely used source of energy all over the world is electricity. Most home appliances and industrial machines depend on it. However, the luxury that comes with electricity can be turned into a disaster if proper testing of electrical systems and gadgets is not done. Testing and tagging of electrical systems should be regularly done so as to prevent damage of property, injuries and loss of life. For more information concerning the regulations of maintaining electrical equipment safety you can visit The Health And Safety Executive.electrical_maintenance

  1. Advancement in technology has led to innovations that have brought different electrical testing gadgets on to the market. More often than not, these gadgets are supposed to be plugged into electricity for them to function. For this reason, it is always important to get the services of a certified electrical technician to carry out the testing exercise as part of your routine electrical maintenance. They should be knowledgeable about the electrical system being tested and also have hands on experience in electrical wiring.
  2. Apart from electrical knowledge and experience, a reliable technician should be certified by the local authorities. This usually helps when legal matters arise. Any accident caused by electrical faults can cost you a fortune if the maintenance was not done in accordance to the stipulated rules and regulations of the local authorities. You should also keep records of all maintenance procedures carried out as evidence in the event that they are required by the authorities.
  3. Testing and tagging of electrical equipment regularly can also go a long way in cutting maintenance costs. These tests can be used to predict a potential breakdown in machines before they happen. Reports from these tests can be used to put in place precautionary measures that can be used to avert further damages and prevent machines from shutting down. This helps in cutting down on the costs that would otherwise have been paid in the event that any machines broke down.
  4. Some insurance companies require that regular testing is done to all electrical equipment even after they have been commissioned. This also helps in reducing insurance premiums because tests help to reduce potential risks. In the event of an accident that requires compensation from the insurance company, presenting a detailed report of regular electrical maintenance through electrical testing can help hasten the compensation process.
  5. Apart from electrical testing and regular maintenance procedures, it is also recommended to have documentations like the inspection certificate, comprehensive circuit assessment sheet, site fault report and suelectrical_maintenancervey reports. Information from such documents can be used by a new electrician to understand the history of a particular electrical machine. This is helpful in troubleshooting and repairing any failed parts.
  6. Electrical testing and tagging is sometimes considered additional work in many companies. However, such activities are not only meant to improve the safety of your property but also to safeguard the lives of your employees and family members. Prevention is always the best approach to stopping a pending disaster. Regular inspection and testing should always be included in the basic maintenance procedures for any electrical system, machine or appliance.

As you can see electrical testing is an important part of any electrical maintenance procedure. We found this great advice and much more from a local Stoke electrical contractors who specialise in electrical maintenance for commercial and industrial businesses. Why not contact them at their offices at One Way Electrical Ltd located, 25 Uttoxeter Road, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 1NY or call them today on 01782 595600.


How Electrical Testing Works


Electrical testing is a great way of detecting electrical faults and knowing if an electrical system is in proper working condition and is an important part of electrical maintenance. It also serves many other functions including making sure that electrical appliances meet the required standards and ensuring that they are safe for use. Since electrical installations depreciate with age and use, electrical testing should be conducted from time to time to avert potential electrical risks.  The Health And Safety Authority have detailed information regarding the inspection and testing of electrical installations.

How it workselectrical-maintenance-12

Once an electrical test is complete, a client is issued with a certificate of inspection known as an Electrical condition report (ECR), which details all observed damages, defects, deterioration, non-compliances with modern-day safety requirements and other dangerous conditions that may pose any risk.
During an electrical test, the following issues may be identified;

  • Earthing and Bonding issues. The electrician may inspect earthing and bonding plans and highlight any problems including lack of or improper bonding.
  • Defective electrical work. He will also check the main areas of weaknesses of the wiring system to identify any defective work and recommend proper fixing.
  • Identify potential electric risks such as shocks and fire hazards. These may include naked and improperly insulated wires.
  • Detect overload. Electrical inspection can also reveal if an electrical circuit is overloaded.
  • Fixed electrical appliances are also tested if they are safe and well equipped to serve their functions

When is an electrical Test conducted?

There are many times when an electric inspection should be done. It may include;

  • When a property or house is being prepared for renting
  • Before selling or when acquiring a previously-owned property

Electrical inspection should also be done after;

  • Not more than ten years for a private home
  • Three years for a caravan
  • Five years for a rented property
  • One year for a swimming pool

Who should do the testing?

An electrical test should be done by a skilled electrician who has been licensed by the relevant UK authorities. The electrician will check the electrical system against the UK requirements for safety of electrical installations, IEE wiring solutions.

What happens during the electrical inspection?electrical-maintenance-11

During the test, the electrician will focus on;

  • Determining the extent of any damage such as wear and tear.
  • Noting the presence or absence of adequate safety information, identification and other relevant notices.
  • Identifying any alterations in the use of the property that may have contributed to, or likely to pose danger to the dwellers
  • Inspecting extension sockets and cables that may be used to connect moveable electrical equipment for outdoor use, ensuring they are well protected by a residual current device.
  • Checking if the system has adequate earthing and bonding.
  • Inspecting the workability of sockets, lighting fittings, switches and other items. He may also identify other appliances that need replacement such as round light switches, old round-pin sockets, sockets attached to skirting boards, black switches and even old cables.
  • Noting the type of wiring system and its working condition. He may also check on outdated wiring practices such as the use of black rubber coated cables, which were disqualified in the 1960s. Other highlights may include fabric and lead coated wires, which may need replacement with the more durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulations.
  • Accessing the appropriateness of control gears. For instance, an old fuse box with a wooden back may need replacement. Likewise, an old fuse box with a cast-iron switch should be replaced.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that electrical testing and electrical maintenance is important for every home, business and property. The electrical installation condition report, which is compiled after this test, helps in guiding the electrician when taking remedial action.


When Do You Need An Electrician Contractor For Your Home Remodeling Project?

Home remodeling is usually a combination of DIY work and professional help. Some home remodeling projects may require some electrical work. For such projects, it is best not to attempt to do it yourself but hire an electrician contractor.

Electricity is highly dangerous and quite complicated. Amateur electricians may cause overloaded circuits, poor wire connections, as well as faulty grounding all which can pose a serious risk to the safety of your family and home.

The following are some four instances where you will require an electrical contractor for your remodeling project.

1. Upgrading Circuit Breakers

Electrical panels provide electricity to your entire house. When upgrading appliances, you will at times have to upgrade the electrical service panels to supply them with power adequately. Old circuit breakers can cause blown fuses, flickering lights, and more.

Hire an electrician contractor to upgrade the circuit breaker especially if your remodel involves adding new living space. This task is quite complicated and dangerous and requires the expertise of a seasoned professional.

2. Adding USB Ports, Outlets, & GFCI Receptacles

An electrician contractor can convert existing outlets to GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) or install additional outlets in your home. Electrical code requires that you have at least one GFCI outlet in your kitchen and bathroom.

GFCI outlets are designed to turn off the power once water is exposed to electricity or the electric load becomes unbalanced thus preventing electric shock. Many old homes do not have this feature and remodeling an old house provides the perfect opportunity for installing these outlets.

Call an electrician contractor for installation of the GFCI plug. Incorrect grounding can cause a fire or even loss of power. In addition, if your remodel requires an installation of additional outlets, the contractor can install them for you. Installation of additional outlets requires cutting into the wall to replace part of the wiring. Never try to do this by yourself.

3. Outdoor Lighting

You should call an electrician contractor if your remodeling project involves installing ambient or security lighting in the outdoors. The electrician contractor will help you thread wiring to the outside if none existed previously.

The electrician contractor will ensure proper grounding of the wiring for the outdoors. In addition, he or she will help you choose lighting that is rated for the outdoors to ensure that it withstands the elements.

4. Replacing Light Fixtures

Truth be told, it is possible for you to replace light fixtures. However, in some instances, you will require some professional assistance.

First, check the wattage and amperage of the new fixture. In case the amperage is not high enough to cover the wattage of the new light, you will require an additional wire to run from the circuit breaker. For such a task, it is always advisable to hire a licensed and qualified electrical contractor.

A few other considerations before digging into this lighting project: Older homes usually do not have high-temperature insulation, which is necessary for many ceiling fans and lights. In addition, the ceiling mount should be strong enough to support the fixture. An electrician contractor will help you with any of the concerns that you might not be able to tackle by yourself.

In conclusion, this article has looked at some four instances where you will require the services of an electrical contractor for your remodeling project. If your home remodeling project involves any of the above aspects, it is simply advisable to hire a professional electrician. Always keep in mind that electricity can be very dangerous and even fatal. Therefore, always hire an electrician for any electrical work that requires a bit of in-depth electrical knowledge.